Friday, March 27, 2009

Final Project Conclusion

While constructing this project I was able to realize how much work there is in the pre-production phase of creating a project. My project through the quarter took some changes do to the way I was constructing my video viewer. This was a challenging project because I was using Actionscript 3.0 and the Flex Builder for the very first time to build this project. It was something different and exciting at the same time to learn something new and powerful.

The project was all dynamic and there was no use of Flash or timeline animation, all the functionality was constructed with pure code, which I was very proud of myself. The final look of the project looks the same in a way but altered due to the scope of my project.


I tested this video viewer with some of my fellow WDIMers and also people that I know. Thanks to their feedback on the project I was able to rethink certain ways that I could have constructed my code and later on vamp out the UI. One of the more interesting critiques I got was why is there no control bar and no status bar, so that is one of the elements that I will be adding to my project in the future thanks to the critiques

Final Thoughts of the Class:
I thought this was a very interesting class because it was a diverse class of all levels and interest. It has given me a better understanding on people get entertained by the media that is out there today. I hope that my video cast was great for all to...I tried to put in there the whole entertainment aspect by me being a bit goofy. Thanks Sharon again for the great class!

The video can be seen here:

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